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Pre-employment Screening

2nd Chance Employment-Don’t Let Criminal Backgrounds Stop You From Hiring People

A pre-employment screening often turns up a criminal background. An estimated one in four Americans has a criminal background. However, there are many reasons to look past that – as long as the candidate’s criminal past does not have a direct bearing on the job position. The federal government enacted The Second Chance Act in 2008, which gives some federal agencies and non-profits grants to train...


Employment Background Checks

“Due Diligence” Applies to the Company You Hire For Employment Screening

When someone is being interviewed for a job, he or she expects to learn what it is their prospective employer needs. When a company contacts Legal Locator Services about conducting employment screening, we also want to know what our prospective client needs. Perhaps your business is expanding so rapidly you are needing a company known for fast turnaround times. Perhaps your employees are spread...


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“Faster” and “Cheaper” Might Not Be the Best Value

When considering background checks, business owners have to decide what their needs are. The types of positions they are hiring for should determine how thorough a screening should be. Business owners also need to keep an eye on their budget. So they may opt for a program that promises to be cheaper and faster. The problem with a cheaper and faster background check is that it is also limited in...


4 Good Reasons to Conduct Background Checks

  We can think of at least four good reasons why a business or organization should conduct background checks on people applying for jobs. 1. You will learn about an individual’s criminal conviction history. Then you can decide whether that history might rule out a job candidate. It might not! But it is better to know as much as you can about someone. 2. You are safeguarding your business...


Drug Screening Oregon, Washington & Nationwide

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Drug Testing: A Rookie’s Guide

Our partners at Quest Diagnostics shared this with us. We thought it was interesting and wanted to share it with you. 1. Drugs don’t care about your bank account. Drug testing is used for more than just low-skilled workers. With workplace drug use on the rise across industries, more and more companies who hire white-collar workers are making drug testing part of their workplace policy. In fact,...


Do you have the power?

Business Power with Intelligence Delivered with Exceptional Customer Service. Legal Locator Service has groundbreaking technology with the most comprehensive customizable background screening for all industries. Legal Locator Service connects you to data. Data is the new oil across all industries! We provide a powerful digital application that drives hiring efficiency. Works on any smart...


Does the applicant have the right skills?

Need a carpenter? Many applicants embellish on their resume. Conducting a background check you can confirm your hiring decision and keep your business profitable and productive. Legal Locator Service can customize any background check package to suit your needs. Prices vary based upon services, packages, and volume of employment background checks. We provide background checks in Oregon,...


Are you hiring Lucy & Ethel?

One of the best scenes from the classic television show “I Love Lucy” was the scene in the candy factory. Lucy and Ethel got jobs there, in spite of the fact they did not have a clue about what they were doing. As the conveyor belt speeds up, they are desperate to keep up, and things get completely out of control. Lucy starts to stuff her blouse – and then her mouth – with candy, out of...


Hire the Right People

Frequently Asked Questions for Employment Background Screening

1. Why conduct background checks? Conducting background screening on employees have become a matter of necessity for employers. There are instances where applicants have been involved in criminal activity, yet do not to disclose it. Help ensure a safer workplace and avoid negligent hiring lawsuits screening your applicants. Conducting a background check is a very small price to pay compared to...


Tenant Checks

Oregon Tenant Checks - Choose the Best Tenant

Legal Locator Service helps make life easier for owners of rental properties by conducting Tenant Background Checks on prospective tenants. By screening tenants, property owners help lessen the risk of potential property damage, theft, unpaid rent and the court costs of tenant evictions. As a rental property owner, you may be a great judge of character based on your experience and instinct....


Safe School Zones at K-12 Schools with Background Checks

Did you know that in order to be a contractor or a tradesperson at a construction site at a school with students K-12 that a background check is usually mandatory? Oregon law requires it. The statute, ORS 342.143(3), outlines 28 offenses that would prohibit a school from employing an individual. This applies to builders, carpenters, electrical workers, plumbers, masons, landscapers, painters –...


Background Check

Background Checks for Home Health Employees Ensures Client Safety

When we do background checks for a business, we do so to protect a company’s best interests. We help companies save time, resources and money. And the companies’ reputation. Of ALL the background checking we do, perhaps the ones that matter most are the background checks for home healthcare providers. There is no population more vulnerable than those who are in poor health. Elderly people and...


Oregon Background Checks

Be A Know It All

By conducting a background check on an applicant before you hire them you are protecting yourself from potential lawsuits and protecting your biggest asset, your business. When you check an applicant’s criminal record, you are showing that you took reasonable measures to ensure the safety of your current employees. Legal Locator Service uses experienced court researchers and investigators to...


Background Checks Protect

Background Checks Protect & Deter

5 Steps to Protect Yourself and OthersBackground checks protect your business, your employees, and people served by your business. It has been shown that having a background check policy deters criminals from applying. Here are a few more tips on how to best protect yourself and others while deterring criminals: An individual’s criminal history is as important as the sex offender history....


background check system

#1 Background Check System |Get "Hire" Knowledge ®

We have the most intuitive and easy to use Background Check system. It is so simple you don’t need training.  Secure portal with security and IT that you can count on. Our system is continually updated based on new legislation at the national, state, and even city level.Check in On-the-GoYou can access the information you need from anywhere with our system. Our system adjusts...