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With Financial positions It is critical to check the background of all new employees. You need to know the people who will be signing checks and authorizing purchases.

Fraud, theft, embezzlement - they are all too common.

Unfortunately, the most devastating losses a company can experience is theft and embezzlement. Does your bookkeeper or accountant have access to bank accounts, financial, and tax records? They know what money comes in and what goes out. Often, these thefts take place over a long period time, so as not to raise suspicions. As long as a company appears profitable, the owners might not think to look more closely. We also advise that you re-screen these employees regularly, as people's lives change.

For peace of mind, talk to Legal Locator Service about our background screening measures. We conduct thorough, accurate and fast checks. Call 866-225-2435 or 503-697-5821.



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