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Oregon Background Checks
By conducting a background check on an applicant before you hire them you are protecting yourself from potential lawsuits and protecting your business. When you check an applicant’s criminal record, you are showing that you took reasonable measures to ensure the safety of your current employees. Legal Locator Service uses experienced court researchers and investigators to conduct our public records checks to ensure that you are getting the most current and accurate results available. Legal Locator Service ensures that your employment screening process is seamless. Our reports are delivered to you in an easy-to-read format. We invested a great amount of money in our background screening system to make sure we have one of the most cutting edge technologically advanced systems in the background screening industry. Our technology enables us to automate most of the background screening process which means faster and more accurate results for our clients. Ordering is as Easy as 1,2,3, just add last name, first name and email address. Our Background Checks are FCRA compliant. We are accurate, thorough and have competitive pricing. We have the most intuitive and easy to use Employment Background Check system. It is so simple our clients don’t need training. Our software is continuously updated based on new legislation at the national, state, and even city level. Check in On-the-Go. Access the information you need from anywhere with our responsive background check that adjusts to display on your tablet or phone.
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