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Many of the workplace changes that arose because of COVID-19 are here to stay. Working remotely will be with us for a long time. In some cases, companies had wanted to make this change anyway - COVID-19 just made it happen faster. Employers need to screen and monitor remote workers differently, however. It is critical that their work histories are valid and their identifications have been authenticated. Zoom meeting replace fact-to-face, and these are not as always as revealing. Consider conducting ongoing criminal checks. Also, research reveals that since the pandemic started, cannabis use has increased dramatically. If your company does drug screening, consider testing employees being brought back into the workplace. Lastly, more companies are passively accumulating data to track employee computer usage. This is necessary where employees are off-site. It helps you have a sense of where employees are using their time. Legal Locator Service has been conducting background searches for 24 years. We help clients create screening backgrounds that fit their needs. Contact Legal Locator Service toll-free at 866-225-2435 or 503-697-5821 to discuss your screening needs. Also visit,

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