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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more stress has been placed on parents. While many adults who were working from home can now return to the workplace - schools are not opening in many states. This means that parents have to find child care. Child care centers are now in demand.

If you own a child care center, it is imperative to conduct background searches on employees. This includes teachers, maintenance workers, service providers - anyone with close proximity to children. A thorough background search will reveal anyone who is a sex offender or has a criminal past. It also verifies identity, work history, and references. However, we also suggest that parents who are searching for the right place for their children consider conducting a thorough review by asking about the care centers policy on background checks. You need to know your child is going to be safe.

You also need to know that the child care providers are following COVID-19 safety protocols. As stressful as this time is - your child’s safety is paramount. Legal Locator Service has been conducting background checks for over 24 years. We offer personal service, fast turnarounds and accurate results. Call us toll-free at 866-225-2435 or at 503-697-5821. Visit,

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