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Know Who is Living Under your Roof - Tenant Screening - Legal Locator Service

Background Check & Tenant Credit Check

Legal Locator Service, L.L.C., established in 1996 has a comprehensive tenant screening solution used commercially and by individual property owners. Secure your investment today with the most trusted and established tenant screening solution.

If you need a landlord background check or landlord credit check our reports are fast, accurate and affordable.

As a landlord, your goal is to protect your investment. Make sure that you rent to responsible tenants who will:

  • Pay rent consistently and on time
  • Keep their lease
  • Not damage the property
Screening minimizes the risk of renting to high-risk tenants who don't pay rent, damage rental property, and are involved in criminal activity.

Call Legal Locator Service today at 503.697.5821 for all your Tenant Background Checks.

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