There’s a lot involved when it comes to background screening.

Lack of understanding about compliance and simple omissions can lead to problems for companies that are hiring.

This is why it pays to hire a professional background screening company like Legal Locator Service. Legal Locator Service is a company that is accurate, affordable, and built-in FCRA. We stay up-to-date on compliance.

Here are things that are often overlooked or missed:

*Make sure applicants sign a consent form in order to be screened. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires this.
*Supply “Adverse Action” letters if screening results lead you to not hire someone. This is also required.
*Provide sufficient identifying information in the event court records will be checked. Always ask for a middle name, for example.
*Double-check information for typos.
*Make sure you use the same screening protocols for all people applying for the same position, in order to avoid discrimination claims.

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