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Legal Locator Service, LLC is an Oregon based proven and trusted Background Check company established in 1996, and providing screening services Nationwide and Internationally.  We help employers obtain the best talent. We are selling more than background checks. We are providing you with qualified applicants with qualitative data in an easy to read report. 

From simple to complex and from single searches to high-volume searches - with a quick turnaround to place applicants quickly. Our experience, integrated platform, and intelligent technology allows us to exceed our clients’ expectations and outpace the competition. We specialize in employment screening for businesses in construction, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit, professional services, retail, staffing, transportation, trucking, and all industries. The Legal Locator Service team has over 60 years of collective experience at the executive and senior management levels.

Legal Locator Service can help ensure you hire the most qualified applicant and protect your biggest asset—your business.

Get automated and efficient. Efficiency is key!

Our background screening services help you decide which people are the best fit for you. Our world is filled with many capable hard working and talented people. And we are all so easily connected, through technology. Unlock the power of Legal Locator Service's intelligent screening. We save you time and money with our cost-effective background screening. Legal Locator Service is a service-oriented business that has been delivering background screening with exceptional customer service for over 24 years.

Order a background check through our secure portal.

3 Easy Steps to order a FCRA background check.

  1. Invite the Applicant - Choose your background check package, add applicants name, email address, and click send.
  2. Applicant Authorizes Check - The applicant is sent an email with a secure link and provides all personal information and signs the eConsent authorizations online.
  3. Review Report - When the background check is complete client receives an email with a link to view, print, or download the report.

    Fast turnaround time to place applicants quickly. Competitively priced packages. No annual fees or memberships. No paperwork. Built-in FCRA compliance. All e-Consents and final reports are saved on Legal Locator Service's secure platform.

    Benefits • Robust Background Screening Options• Web-Based and Mobile-Enabled Software• Seamless API & HR Integrations• Create Flexibility and Convenience

    Legal Locator Service, LLC is a Certified Women Owned WBE (Women's Business Enterprise), ESB (Emerging Small Business), and a SBA (Small Business Administration). Ticia Symonds, President of Legal Locator Service, has leveraged her past experience working for city entities and completing the San Bernardino Sheriff Reserves POST enforcement courses while working for the city. She became an entrepreneur and started her own Background Screening business, built on her education and expertise throughout her career.

    Legal Locator Service is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). Legal Locator Service is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA). Ticia Symonds, President of Legal Locator Service has an Advanced FCRA Certificate with PBSA. All employees of Legal Locator Service have passed the Basic FCRA Certification for Background Screening with the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). The Magazine of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources - HR News published the most recent article of Ticia Symonds entitled, “Trends in Pre-Employment Screening for 2017,” March 2017.


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