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Locating People since 1996

There are many reasons why you may need to locate someone. This type of search is generally used to locate beneficiaries and debtors in the legal and finance sector; locate witnesses to accidents; and, locate retired employees or beneficiaries for pensions. At Legal Locator Service we are skilled at locating people.  

Who do we locate?

  • People / Witnesses / Trust and Estate Heirs
  • Retired / Former / Deceased employees or their beneficiaries entitled to employer benefit plans
  • Successors in interest / real property lienholders
  • Missing Persons

Why are we the Best People Locator Nationwide?

Education and Experience:  We use only the best experienced investigators to serve you. All of our staff have post high school education and each has experience of over 22 years in this profession.

Our people locator gives you the highest quality of result oriented service. We use the most advanced technology. Our information is updated daily which in return gives you real time results. Legal Locator Service is an expert people locator making it possible to deliver the lowest costs possible. We also offer volume discounts on location of people. We locate people for class action lawsuits quickly and at a low price. Call for volume pricing.

Why Choose Legal Locator Service?

  • Great rates and a commitment to deliver quality results,
  • Negotiated volume discounts; and,
  • We think outside the box to help clients solve the toughest cases.

We have accounts for a variety of clients in a number of industries. Our expertise in locating people throughout the United States is time-tested and has made us a leading agency known for top quality findings. Legal Locator Service, L.L.C. utilizes comprehensive up to dates resources, the latest innovations in the industry, and its highly trained team to deliver the best results.

Finding people can be challenging especially when limited information is known or when a person does not want to be found. Laws can protect the privacy of individuals and can create roadblocks. Information from publically available databases is usually very limited, outdated and rarely results in successful searches. For these reasons, it is best to use an experienced People Locator when trying to locate or find people.

Legal Locator Service can conduct a timely investigation to find as much information as possible regarding the location of a person. We have access to special databases not available to the public and other resources that can help us find the best information. We verify our findings personally.

Note: The locate investigations described above are for traditional locates of adults. They are not designed to locate missing children, birth parents of adopted individuals or will and probate beneficiaries. For information on fees for those services, please contact our office.

Legal Locator Service, LLC is the #1 Locator of Persons

  • Somos fluidos en español. (We are fluent in Spanish.)
  • Oregon Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
  • Oregon Certified Emerging Small Business (ESB)
  • SBA Business
  • An approved US Federal Contractor

To initiate a search for a person using our service, please complete as much of our Request Search Form online as possible and then click the Submit button. The information submitted in our form will be treated confidentially and used only to locate the individual, entity, or subject of the request. If specific fees are not listed below, please contact our office for pricing information.

People Search:  Location of Individual

Legal Locator Service is the No. 1 People Locator Portland and Nationwide since 1996 with a 96% Success Rate!

  • Location of individual in Oregon – $125.00
  • Location of individual all other states – $150.00
  • Verification of an individual’s address in Oregon - $50.00
  • Verification of an individual’s address out of Oregon - $75.00

We  locate: Retired, former, or deceased employees or beneficiaries of pension, profit-sharing, retirement, and health plans of public and private employers; trust and estate heirs. 

Fees subject to change without notice, are due upon receipt of invoice, and exclude trial and expert witness work. Pre-printed terms and conditions on the then current request form of Legal Locator Service, L.L.C. govern services and expressly override any terms and conditions to the contrary in any customer documentation to Legal Locator Service, L.L.C. LEGAL LOCATOR SERVICE, L.L.C. (“LLS”) EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. LIABILITY FOR ANY LLS SERVICE SHALL NOT EXCEED THE APPLICABLE FEE PAID.