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At Legal Locator Service we know that, “No One Disappears Into Thin Air. We Look There First.!”®

With our 22 years experience in finding people in the most challenging cases, we succeed because we know how to look at it from every angle to find what others miss. There are plenty of situations which call for deep investigation to gather knowledge, background investigations, locating people- retired, former- deceased employees or their beneficiaries entitled to employer benefit plans, trust and estate heirs and in these instances it is best to hire a skilled Private Investigator. When the scope of the situation exceeds one’s available time, resources, and expertise, a skilled team Portland Background Check Investigator like Legal Locator Service has the skills, knowledge and experience to gain the information their clients need.

We Go Beyond

When you start to gather facts, you often find puzzling information or roadblocks. Being involved in the situation can make it difficult to stay objective. You may reach out to friends or family for advice, which may lead to additional questions. As experienced Portland Backgroud Check Investigator, we are able to remain objective and know how to navigate the pitfalls of investigation. We go beyond public databases or general internet searches, utilizing specialized tools and tapping legally into secure, non-public sources and resources with our licenses. We are able to reach out to our networks across the country to pull hard files and pertinent information.


A Background Check Investigator is a good choice when an intensive background investigation is needed. We are professionally licensed and have an extensive background in investigation experience. When searching for the correct Background Investigator for your needs, make sure the agency can answer all of your questions thoroughly. Legal Locator Service has the experience and knowledge to answer those questions.

If you are looking for a Portland Background Investigator call Legal Locator Service at (503) 697-5821 today.


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