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Background Screening Solutions since 1996 that work. We provide employers the tools they need to quickly and with confidence welcome new individuals to their team. Our focus makes the process easy and secure. The results, easy to read reports that are comprehensive and FCRA compliant. Serving Oregon Washington and Nationwide.

Employment Screening is both necessary and extremely risky when hiring a new employee. There are obvious things you need to know when considering a candidate, including recurring absenteeism, employee turnover, claims of accidents in the workplace, theft, and fraud. You will need to comply with applicable laws when obtaining an Employment Screening - Background Check Portland and Nationwide.

Employment Screening - Background Check Regulations and Compliance

  1. Employers need to make sure that they pay attention to federal and state regulations from the government as well as certification and licensing during the hiring process. Failure to follow these regulations can result in fines or even getting placed under a restrictive continuous audit.
  2. Making sure that compliance requirements are met can be quite a difficult job for someone not trained in this field. Even the Small Business Administration recommends hiring someone in the Background Check field for guidance in this process.
  3. Every part of this Employment Screening - Background Check, from credit checks to criminal record searches, must be completed within some very strict guidelines to maintain fair employment practices and to avoid any discrimination claims.
  4. On average an organization loses about 5% of its annual revenue to occupational fraud. More than a fifth of fraud cases cause losses of more than $1 million. Worker dishonesty and theft can then also reduce production rates, it can damage consumer confidence, and it can destroy your own reputation as an employer. It can also cause a negative effect on your employee’s morale.
  5. Employers have both a legal and a moral obligation to provide staff with a safe working environment.

Negligent Hiring Liability is the law that holds employers responsible for what they should have known about their employees before hiring them. It can actually even hold an employer responsible for an employee’s actions when not on the clock. The legal system repeatedly affirms that employers have a “duty to exercise reasonable care in hiring individuals who, because of the nature of their employment, may pose a threat to the public”.

Hiring Legal Locator Service to do an Employment Screening-Background Check in Portland Oregon can help to streamline this process for you, and help to avoid compliance and litigation risks for your business. Legal Locator Service vets and verifies all information at the source.

One of our missions at Legal Locator Service is to help you achieve and then maintain regulatory compliance when performing Employment Screening - Background Checks. Check out our low prices, accurate reporting, and quick results!

If you are looking for an Employment Screening -Background Check, call Legal Locator Service at (503) 697-5821 today. We are a Member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Legal Locator employees have completed the NAPBS FCRA Basic Certificate program promoting the highest level of compliance.

Drug Testing Services Oregon, Washington & Nationwide

10-panel Urine Drug Screen

This particular drug test checks for amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, pcp, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone, methaqualone, propoxyphene. A 10-panel drug screen is often administered to employees of law enforcement and occupational medicine, as well as to examine if a person on legal probation is violating the terms of that probation. Many civil servants are required to pass this test, particularly if their job entails dangerous work or work where the employee is responsible for the safety of others.

DOT Urine Drug Screen

DOT drug testing is a program of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The drug testing requirements for safety-sensitive employees in transportation industries including trucking, shipping, aviation, rail, transit, and merchant marines. Individuals and companies are required to get tested before they are hired, and also participate in random pools or a drug testing consortium, and to obtain annual supervisor training to stay in compliance. DOT conducts random and scheduled audits to ensure that companies adhere to these testing guidelines and maintain records.

Blood Alcohol Screen

An alcohol test is a forensic screening that identifies the presence of alcohol or it's metabolites in a person in order to assess either current intoxication or prior consumption. Professional breath alcohol testing can instantly determine the current level of alcohol in the blood. Pre-employment drug testing is a great way to ensure that you have a safe workplace and a strong workforce. Legal Locator Service offers drug-screening options that utilize our vast network of partnered collection sites to make pre-employment drug testing easy for you and your applicants. It’s as easy as entering a zip code and selecting the nearest location.

Risks If You Do Not Drug Test:

  • Worker Employee Turnover-substance abuse increases workers turnover
  • Productivity- substance abuse decreases productivity
  • Absenteeism-substance abusers are more likely to be absent more days
  • Workers Comp Claims – substance abuse leads to accidents

Background Check Search Descriptions

SSN Search

Database that has gathered data from third parties (public record and credit header data) that includes address history, name variations and dates of use, from a consumers past.

County Criminal Records Search

Most felony and misdemeanor cases are filed in county courts; so county criminal record searches are one of the most powerful sources for uncovering criminal records.

State Criminal Records Search

A statewide search may yield information from multiple counties in a given state that report into repository, useful for discovering crimes outside of the immediate area in which the subject lives or works. Not all counties in every state report to statewide repositories and some counties are inconsistent in their reporting.

Single State Database Search

The same search as (below) InstaCriminal National but this is limited to A SINGLE STATE.

National Criminal Database Search

A powerful, quick result multi-jurisdictional search of hundreds of millions state and county criminal records. This database is compiled from county courthouses, Department of Corrections (DOC), and Administration of the Court (AOC). This search is an effective tool for discovering additional jurisdictions where criminal offenses may have occurred outside of an applicant’s indicated residential and employment address history.  This criminal database can be searched using the National Criminal Database, or refining the scope down to the State Criminal Database.

National Criminal Alias Database Search

The InstaCriminal National Alias™ combines the power of an SSN Trace. By using the full name history associated with the applicant’s SSN, deceptive applicant practices, such as omitting a prior name with a record, are prevented. This comprehensive search tool uses sophisticated algorithms to accurately match the applicant’s name history to save your processors time and ensure that you get the most complete results possible.

Criminal Database Monitoring

An add-on product that continuously runs updates on previously run national criminal database searches and notifies of any updates to files within the year of the initial order.

Global Security Watch List

Includes information about individuals and corporations linked to terrorism or terrorist activity. Also included are those that have been debarred, denied, sanctioned, or are listed on exclusion, most wanted, fugitive lists, and more.

Sex Offender Records Search

Search of national records and specific state’s live repository, based on the applicant’s history. We have access to the best sex offender record data in the industry, with information from sources in 49 states (excludes NV), plus Washington DC, Guam, Puerto Rico and various tribal sex offender registries, with photos in all.

Single State Rental Records Search

Evictions database provides critical information on an applicant’s residential leasing history, including past court actions, unlawful detainers, monetary judgments, and possession and property damage claims that have been filed in court. This background-screening tool examines millions of eviction records that are collected for our database for your benefit.

National Rental Records Search

The all-new InstaEviction National Lookup™ combines the power of an SSN Trace. By using the full name and address history associated with the applicant’s SSN, deceptive applicant practices, such as omitting an address with an eviction, are prevented. This comprehensive search tool uses sophisticated algorithms to accurately match the applicant’s address and name history, essentially eliminating false positives. This single, powerful tool saves your processors time and ensures that you get the most complete and accurate results possible.

Healthcare Compliance Search

Search to lower your Health Care Provider/Payor Risk searches: Federal OIG Medicare Exclusions/Sanctions and State Medicaid Exclusions/Sanctions compliance. Also assist in discovering Medicare/Medicaid fraud.

Credit History

Credit history is highly recommended for applicants who are applying for financial positions. This check can reveal a great deal of information about an applicant. All checks are done in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Civil On-Site History Record Search

Civil history records are recommended for applicants who are being hired or promoted to executive positions. This search will provide a seven-year search of lawsuits filed by or against an individual or business including bankruptcies and liens, directly from the source. (County and State court and/or Federal District court).

Criminal On-Site History Record Search

Criminal on-site history records will provide a 7-year search of criminal records directly from the source. Searches conducted outside the U.S. vary (County and State court and/or Federal District court).

Driving History Record Search

Driver history records are recommended on all applicants, especially those applicants who are applying for a position driving company vehicles. The report will reveal motor vehicle violations, suspensions and revocations, and it will indicate the type of license granted and restrictions of use. Also, in some states, convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are contained in the criminal court record and can only be revealed through a DMV check.

Education & Credential Verification

Education and credential history are commonly falsified on resumes and job applications. We verify degrees, credentials, or a license received, as well as the date awarded.

Employment History Verification

We verify dates of employment, position, and salary (where available) directly from previous employers.

Reference Check

Reference checks involve contacting colleagues and co-workers listed on the applicant’s resume or job application to obtain an assessment of the applicant’s capabilities, ethics, and work record.

Workers’ Compensation Records

Workers’ Compensation searches report if the applicant has filed a claim for workers compensation in the state being searched. When using these searches, you must comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

International Background Checks

International criminal searches turn up crimes and offenses in an applicant's previous countries of residence. Criminal background information is subject to availability based on a country’s laws and regulations. Some countries maintain only paper files at local jurisdictions or police departments.


Medical Exclusion and Board Action Data needs. OIG-LEIE GSA,, Federal, State Medicaid, and State Medical Board.

MedEx License Verification and Monitoring Available