Non-Profit Background Checks

Nonprofit organizations or agencies often deal with people who are vulnerable. Many of these agencies help people in need. Children, elderly, homeless people, and people living with disabilities and mental health issues, for example.

There are typically three components to nonprofit organizations: its governing board, its staff and its volunteers. Even though board members and volunteers may be unpaid, it is just as important to screen new board members and volunteers as it is to screen new staff. The reason is because board members will shape policies that will impact everyone – and often the volunteers work closely with the agency’s clients. Clients need to be safe.

Legal Locator Service helps nonprofits create background check packages that will best suit the particular criteria of each nonprofit. We will meet all FCRA and other applicable regulations that apply to background checks in your field.

Hiring the right people – whether a board member, an Executive Director or a volunteer – helps you maintain the integrity of your agency. Because nonprofits largely depend on donations in order to survive, that integrity is essential.

Recommended Non-profit Background check products for this industry include:

  • Globally Criminal Database Search (includes 7-years of history address.)
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • County or Statewide Criminal Records Search (All counties within the last 7 years)
  • Employment Verification
  • MVR

Legal Locator Service has an easy‐to‐use online system. Access the information you want when you need it with our responsive platform that adjusts to your tablet or phone. Order in 3 easy steps. Click on your background check package, add name, email address, and click send. The applicant receives an email to fill out all personal information and signs authorization and disclosures forms on our secure portal. All authorization and disclosure forms the applicant signs are stored under your login account. When the background check is finished the client receives an email that the background check is complete.

Hundreds of millions of background checks have been processed through our Instascreen™ platform. Transparent services and one single sign-on. Send adverse letters with a click of the mouse.

No setup up fees, no membership fees, and no monthly minimums.

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