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Oregon background check company established in 1996, providing background screening solutions for all industries globally. Legal Locator Service uses intelligent technology – you can depend on it! Our powerful platform meets high standards for security, FCRA compliance, and speed – for a superior customer and applicant experience.

Legal Locator Service’s automated platform simplifies the background check process and delivers accurate findings while reducing turnaround time. To hire and keep the right employees start by using our competitively priced background check services. Our FCRA-certified team will customize a background screening package that fits your unique business needs. Our platform is top notch – mobile capabilities include SMS/text delivery and features include seamless API and HR integrations.

We provide the tools needed to enable you to quickly and confidently welcome new hires to your team. Our focus is to provide you with a seamless experience from ordering background checks through receiving the online and easy-to-read reports where you are. Our background checks meet all state and federal regulations for employers – whether public or private businesses, non-profits, volunteer organizations, or property management companies. Legal Locator Service provides international employment screening in over 200 countries. We have a global network of professionals to retrieve and report public records while following GDPR Regulations.

Employment Screening is necessary when hiring a new employee. Important information to consider when hiring includes recurring absenteeism, employee turnover, workplace accident claims, theft, and fraud. Complying with applicable laws when obtaining an employment screening is a must. Let us help you.

Employment Screening since 1996 based in Oregon and providing services Globally – Background Check Regulations and Compliance

1. Employers in Oregon and beyond need to comply with federal and state regulations from the government during the hiring process.

2. Meeting compliance requirements can be quite a daunting task for many employers if they are not trained in this field. Even the Small Business Administration recommends hiring someone in the Background Check field to help employers navigate this process.

3. Every part of Employment Screening – Background Check – from a credit check to criminal record searches – must be completed within very strict guidelines to maintain fair employment practices and lessen the potential of discrimination claims.

4. Generally, an organization averages losing approximately 5% of its annual revenue to occupational fraud and more than a fifth of fraud cases cause losses of more than $1 million. Dishonest conduct and theft can also reduce workplace productivity, damage consumer confidence, and destroy the employer’s brand or reputation.

5. Employers have both a legal and a moral obligation to provide staff with a safe working environment.
Negligent hiring claims could lead to employer liability for what the employer should have known about its employees before hiring them including, in some cases, holding an employer responsible for an employee’s actions when not on the clock. Have you exercised reasonable care in hiring individuals who, because of the nature of their employment, may pose a threat to the public? Hire Legal Locator Service to do an Employment Screening-Background Check in Oregon and beyond. Legal Locator Service vets and verifies flagged records at the source. Our platform helps you achieve and then maintain regulatory compliance when performing Employment Screening – Background Checks.

For Employment Screening – Background Checks, call Legal Locator Service at (503) 697-5821 or (866) 225-2435 today. We are a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), all our employees have the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) FCRA Basic Certificate, and our management has the PBSA’s Advanced FCRA certificate – compliance is one of our core values. Legal Locator Service is a Certified Women Owned Company in the State of Oregon. WBE-ESB