With Thanksgiving just ahead, we’re taking a moment away from background screening to look at a bigger picture.

The gratitude picture!

If ever there was a time to focus on things to be thankful for, it would be now.

We’ve ALL been affected by the consequences of the dreadful pandemic. And after nearly two years, it is still not in the rearview.
But things ARE getting better. We at Legal Locator Service and our sister company People Locator Service would like to give thanks to all the scientists, the medical professionals, the people on the front lines – who have stayed strong. We are grateful to all the people who practice safe behaviors.

We are grateful for our vaccines, and for the ability to conduct business more like “business as usual.”

We are grateful for our steady clients who have been staying on their feet by changing the nature of the workplace as needed.

We hope you can enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, exhale, and know that we ARE moving forward, even if it feels incremental at times.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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