It is easy to overlook a background check on someone in a specialized position, such as a bookkeeper, accountant or any financial services position. He or she may have been recommended by a business colleague. It may be someone known in your community for years.

Unfortunately, the most devastating losses a company can experience is theft and embezzlement. Your bookkeeper(s)/accountant(s) access bank accounts, financial and tax records. They have signing authority. They know what money comes in and what goes out.

Often, these thefts take place over a long period time, so as not to raise suspicions. As long as a company appears profitable, the owners might not think to look more closely.

It is critical to check the background of any new employee in a position with access to financial information. You need to know the people who will be signing checks and authorizing purchases. We also advise that you re-screen these employees regularly, as peoples’ lives change Fraud, theft, embezzlement – they are all too common.

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