More and more states are enacting laws that strengthen the privacy of individuals applying for jobs. For example, over the past few years, there has been a wave of “Second Chance” laws that make it easier for people with criminal convictions to apply for certain jobs.

Legislators in Colorado passed a bill that prohibits employers from asking about a person’s age on job applications. Colorado’s Senate Bill 23-058 (SB23-058), is known as the Job Application Fairness Act. The Job Application Fairness Act was signed into law in June 2023. Employers in Colorado are required to comply as of July 1, 2024. This law prohibits potential employers from asking a person’s age, birth date, or the years they attended or graduated from school(s). If an employer seeks educational transcripts, the applicant is informed and given the chance to redact age-related information.

There are exceptions, of course, such as when age could impact the execution of a certain job and could lead to occupational or public harm. Also, state and/or federal regulations may require applicants to be of a certain age in some positions. In this case, applicants are simply asked if they are over a certain age.

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