It makes sense to conduct a background check before hiring a job applicant. A thorough screening eliminates “surprises” such as false identities, faked credentials, or a criminal history that leaves you liable should something happen that impacts the safety of your employees and customers.

Legal Locator Service also recommends monitoring employees periodically after they are hired. Especially people in jobs that require licensing and credentialing updates. Also, people with certain responsibilities such as driving and working with vulnerable populations. Legal Locator Service can check licensing and credentials, motor vehicle records, and criminal records. We also suggest periodic drug testing to put your mind at ease with people working with heavy machinery, transportation or in a health care position with others.

You can decide how often you want to rescreen. It may be something you do when an employee is seeking a promotion or raise. Or it might be an annual check. By law, all employees must be made aware that this will happen prior to being hired, of course. Re-screening employees makes sure they are held to the same high standards when hired.

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