When someone is being interviewed for a job, he or she expects to learn what it is their prospective employer needs. When a company contacts Legal Locator Services about conducting employment screening, we also want to know what our prospective client needs.

Perhaps your business is expanding so rapidly you are needing a company known for fast turnaround times. Perhaps your employees are spread throughout the country and even the globe – and you need a company that understands how regulations and compliance guidelines differ according to locale. You want assurances that the company you hire to screen employees will stay up to speed – and inform you of changes – in laws and regulations that directly impact your business and your hiring practices.

Clients also want to know how available their background-checking company will be. They want to know how best to reach you and when to expect answers.

Companies that are thorough also want to know what their job candidates can expect during this process. This ensures that everyone is “on the same page.” To protect themselves, companies also want to know just what the employment screening entails – your data sources, your verification processes, your method of delivering results.

In other words, before a business does its “due diligence” before hiring an employee – it also needs to do its due diligence when it comes to hiring a company to do background checks.

Legal Locator Services welcomes this exchange of information with our prospective clients. We want to know what you need; and we want you to know that in 23 years of providing employment screening services, we are likely to be able to meet your needs, no matter how diverse or specific.

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