It’s natural for people to think they can save money by doing things themselves.

Unfortunately, there may be unforeseeable “costs.”(Like, when you cut your own hair…)

By working with a background screening company like Legal Locator Service, employers free up staff from what can be a lengthy screening process, without proper tools. Legal Locator Service is able to offer a streamlined screening process by integrating searches. In other words, data is not duplicated – information is sent out once, and multiple searches occur.

As professionals for 25 years, we provide accurate results by the fastest means.

We also stay on top of laws about background screening. Did you know that states and municipalities are changing laws regarding criminal conviction inquiries? In some cases, the question can no longer be asked; in other cases, the question can’t be asked unless a conditional employment offer has been made. Also, more places are prohibiting questions to applicants regarding their salary history information.

There’s a lot involved when it comes to background screening.

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