As we have noted from time to time, more and more states are making it easier for people to find work by enacting laws that expunge certain criminal records.

One thing the states enacting these laws have in common is that the criminal records of people who have committed violent or abusive crimes will not be hidden. That’s also true of federal offenses.

The state of Pennsylvania recently enacted legislation allowing the expungement of certain records, with added protection for employers. The law says a company or organization “shall be immune from liability for any claim arising out of the misconduct of the individual if the misconduct relates to the portion of the criminal history record that has been expunged or provided limited access.”

Hopefully, other states will follow this model when enacting their laws. Removing roadblocks to the hiring process by sealing some records is incredibly helpful because it increases the hiring pool, and it gives people the chance to move forward in their lives. But employers also need to be protected.

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