Background Checks Especially Important During the Holidays

As the holidays approach, many employers are advertising for temporary workers. It is perhaps human nature to forego background checks on employees who will be working for a short time – it might feel like it’s not worth the time and the expense to screen temporary workers.

Ironically, many of the holiday positions that are filled by temporary workers are actually “high risk”, business-wise. Jobs such as security guards, retail clerks, and package delivery drivers have people in situations where they are not monitored, and where theft, credit card fraud and other deceptions are possible.

Unfortunately, statistics bear this out. In a 2018 study, loss prevention company Hayes International reported significant increases in theft, shoplifting and employee deception during the holiday season.

Conducting background searches on temporary employees also may prove beneficial later, should a temporary employee apply for a permanent job, or wish to return the following holiday season.
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