It’s pretty standard for companies hiring home healthcare workers to conduct background screening. Staff will be working directly with vulnerable populations. But what about workers going into homes to do other types of work? Tradespeople, for example.

It might not occur to a consumer or to a company owner to insist on background screens for people who are carpenters, painters, drywall hangers, plumbers, electricians, etc.

The best thing any company can do when advertising any in-home services is to say: We screen our employees. Background Screening is Essential For Workers Going Into Homes. Build Trust with Customers!

Consumers won’t have to worry about workers who have criminal backgrounds that might include theft, assault, or sex crimes. (Note: It is important that criminal background checks are conducted every one to two years.)

Plus, if you have not thoroughly screened your employees, you can be held liable for on-the-job transgressions.

Keep everyone safe with background screening.

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