Statistically-speaking, more people will be leaving jobs they don’t like at the start of a New Year. People hang onto jobs through the holidays to reduce stress. They psychologically view the New Year as the perfect time to make a new start.

Research by LinkedIn shows that applicants don’t want to deal with unnecessary hurdles. To attract good candidates, you can make the application process more appealing.

Here’s how:

Include the job’s pay range in the post – and don’t ask candidates what their salary history/what their salary expectations are.

Don’t ask candidates to submit a resume and then ask for the same information in an application. Use one form or the other.

Avoid overly long job descriptions with unrealistic requirements. As an example: some companies ask people be adept at too many social media skills – writing, graphics, SEO, video, communications/PR. That’s not realistic.

Take HR out of the interview process. The person doing the interviewing should be the department manager. HR can handle employment details.

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