If you use a background check company for your new hires or promoting employees, your company needs a background check policy. A background check policy is the best way to ensure the company or persons obtaining the background check have made applicants aware of their rights.

The policy will inform the applicant of expectations with regards to:

• Permissible Purpose of the background check
• Company background check procedures
• Criminal record history and factors that may lead to Adverse Action
• Credit history and factors that would lead to Adverse Action and more

Having a policy readily available for applicants is the best practice in staying FCRA compliant when hiring.

Job applicants must consent to background checks. They also need to know which of your departments oversees hiring. In most cases, it is Human Resources, but this might not be the case for smaller businesses.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that employers receive written consent from applicants in order to conduct a background check. The consent form is separate from the job application. The form should include which record screens will be conducted and inform the applicant that a job offer will be dependent on the results. Your potential employee will also be given a summary of their rights under the FCRA including the right to dispute false or inaccurate results on their background check.

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