April has been designated “Second Chance Month” by President Biden. This is the fourth consecutive year the White House has asked the nation to think about redemption when it comes to people with arrest or conviction records.

About one in three U.S. adults has a criminal record! Unfortunately, people with records tend to be painted with the same brush. This can interfere with finding housing, jobs, schooling, and licensing.

“Second Chance Month” asks that we evaluate each individual and consider their circumstances. Not all crimes carry the same weight.

A major example of a nonviolent crime that has historically impacted the lives of millions is cannabis-related crimes. Fortunately, that is something that has been widely decriminalized.

As an employer, legally, you can’t investigate a person’s criminal history until you are ready to make a job offer. Then, giving a second chance means looking at someone’s past with a clear eye and evaluating the offense — and the person. It also means believing in redemption and giving a person a chance to start a clean slate.

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