Many students are now learning through Zoom, the online video program.

This creates opportunities for predators. They may send your child an email.

There are things you can do to make online learning safer. First, have a talk with your children. Tell them they need to let you know if they receive ANY emails from people they don’t know. In fact, it might be wise to have a sit-down every day with each child and ask to see what emails have been received. Discuss what to do if a strange email arrives. Let them know you want to see it first. You might take it further from there, if it appears suspicious or threatening, by reporting it and blocking the sender. And alerting other parents.

Lastly, have a discussion every day with your children about who they will be Zooming with, and make sure their computers are in a place where you can view their computer. Just some safety tips from Legal Locator Service during this unprecedented time.

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