It might seem like a background screening is a “one and done” task.

Yet there are times when it makes sense to screen people again, after the hire.

For example, if company policies have changed over the years, it makes sense to screen people who were hired prior to the policy changes.

Other circumstances include:

 An employee is promoted or reassigned to a position with new responsibilities.
 After a workplace accident occurs.

For some companies, it might make sense to take on a continuous monitoring program. Legal Locator Service can help you incorporate that into your protocol.
In fact, some industries require continuous monitoring, as do some insurance carriers. For example, if you have employees who drive as part of their job, you will want to check their motor vehicle records (MVRs) annually.

Other critical jobs include employees who handle proprietary and sensitive information – and employees who work with vulnerable populations, such as children, disabled and elderly individuals.

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