The Social Security Number Trace can confirm the screening results you receive match your applicant. The Social Security Number trace will show whether the number provided by the applicant matches the Social Security database, the year the Social Security Number was issued, and the state it was issued. For example, if an applicant provided a Social Security Number that was issued in 1970 and the applicant was born in 1980 the applicant would need to be contacted to verify the Social Security Number Sometimes the applicant inputs the SSN with one digit in error inadvertently. Sometimes the wrong number is entered to hide records.

The Social Security Trace may provide other helpful information about schools, credit card companies, banks, and utilities which may help with basic information regarding an applicant’s Social Security number. All information is helpful if you want to conduct a more thorough background check.

There is a catch, however. While a Social Security Trace can ensure that the information you receive matches up to the database – it doesn’t verify that the person holding the number is who they say they are.

Legal Locator Service recommends matching the applicant’s information when using Form I-9 to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States.

That’s why a trace should be just the first step in the screening process. Know Who You Are Hiring! Legal Locator Service crosschecks numerous databases to verify identity. To learn more about background screening, call us at 866-225-2435 (toll-free) or 503-697-5821, or visit us at

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