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Client Testimonials

We have been a client of Legal Locator Service, LLC and Ticia Symonds since 1995. She was engaged by our law-firm on the recommendation of her former employer GECC that she was “the best” investigator at GECC. Ms. Symonds has provided professional  investigative services to our law practice, and shown a strong knowledge of laws and procedures relative to her profession. She has superior investigative and data compilation abilities; is highly capable of collecting court/ evidence; and possesses efficient speaking, listening, writing, and interaction abilities. We have found her to be highly skilled in her profession. In our practice, she has been a valuable part of our team with her ability to provide services to our nationwide clients, as her services are superior to others in the field, and her prices are competitive.  I highly recommend Legal Locator Serivce.

Thomas K. Wolf, Attorney at Law

Where do I start to show my appreciation for Ticia of Legal Locators? As a Trust Officer of a major bank, part of my job is to locate lost beneficiaries of estates. Legal Locators was there leading the way to find heirs I wasn’t even sure of their true names or date of birth. With a little amount of information Legal Locators was off and tracking down my heirs. In the end we found all the heirs 15+ individuals. They even went all the way to search headstones/burial records of a small church in the midwest. Legal Locators will be quick to get started on your research and get you RESULTS faster than you would ever expect. They are very responsive to their clients – great two- way communication and updating. Pricing is very competitive. What I like about Legal Locators is that they don’t charge a percentage of the inheritance for finding the lost heir as do many other heir search firms. Instead they charge by the hour plus the cost of documents and misc.

Trust Officer US Bank

I have had the privilege of retaining T.L. Symonds/Legal Locator Service, LLC a number of times over the past 15 years. On every occasion, I found her work to be very prompt and extraordinarily professional. The facts that she uncovered for us were exactly what we needed and she presented them clearly. It was important to us that the activities and investigation be extremely confidential. That requirement was fully met. For investigative services, I cannot think of any firm which I would rank as high as T.L. Symonds/Legal Locator Service, LLC

Mark W. Eves
President Mark W. Eves, Attorney at Law

Legal Locator is EVERYTHING they claim to be. Every time I could not find a defendant in a case, I turned to Legal Locator, and they found the person. They are great and fairly priced. Use them without hesitation.

Randall J. Wolfe
Personal Injury Attorney

Our company, FJ Management, Inc., administers numerous Retirement Benefit Plans for itself and its subsidiaries. Legal Locator Service, LLC has been instrumental and invaluable locating Plan participants and/or their heirs. The rapidity and accuracy with which she has been able to locate and obtain contact information for these individuals has been truly impressive, particularly in light of the previous extensive unsuccessful efforts made to locate Plan Participants prior to her involvement. Legal Locator Service, LLC’s results are a cut-above, and we appreciate Ms. Symonds’s assistance and success in supporting our Retirement Benefit Plan administration.

Paul Dansie, PHR, SHRM-CP, MAOM
Director of HR Operations