New York State joined others that adopted “The Clean Slate Act.” It’s legislation that helps people with a criminal history get a new start.

This legislation seals the records of people with misdemeanors and certain felonies. The criteria is different in each state. In New York, a misdemeanor record will be sealed three years after a person’s release or probation, as long as the person’s record remains clean. For felonies, it is eight years. There are 2.3 million New Yorkers who may be eligible to have their criminal records sealed under the Clean Slate law.

This law does not apply to all crimes, such as sexual crimes, and violent crimes. etc. and sealed records can be opened by law officials during investigations or in other extenuating circumstances.

The fact is, that people who have certain criminal backgrounds and who can find satisfactory employment are less likely to commit future crimes. The Clean Slate Act gives people a much-needed second chance.

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