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COVID-19: Delays and/or Closures

 With the concerns surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want you to be aware of known court closures and delays The current COVID 19 pandemic is affecting our lives and businesses more each day. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are sick and those caring for the sick. Since this is an evolving crisis, please make sure to check our blog regularly. Please call or email with any...


Your Company’s Image, Working Remotely, and Background Checks

Legal Locator Service is a provider of employment screening solutions nationwide. Since 1996, we have helped businesses make safer, informed hiring decisions with built in FCRA compliance, web-based intelligent technology, and easy to read comprehensive reporting. Legal Locator Service offers background checks for working flexibility through working remotely, part time or temporary employment....


Legal Locator Service Provides Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring protect employees, volunteers, contractors, vendors and your brand. The Continuous Monitoring tool allows clients to be notified via email when any new record hits are found. We will send you an email when it is time to renew your monitoring service. You can remove monitoring at any time. A person's present behavior and potential future behavior is just as important and we...


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Screening Contingent Workers Just Makes Sense

Today’s job landscape is very different than that of years past, when people once sought steady full-time positions with a company. Today there are an estimated 75 million freelancers who are part of what is known as the “gig economy” - they contract with companies for work that is typically part-time and non-permanent. The “gig economy” is not just employee-driven - it also appeals to...


Seven Facts About Urine Drug Testing From Our Partner Quest Diagnostics

Collector during a urine drug test Businesses rely on laboratory-based urine drug testing for its proven methodology, capacity to screen for a variety of different illicit and prescription drugs, and ability to withstand most legal challenges. There are hundreds of urine test combinations which can detect virtually any substance for which you may need to test, with the sensitivity to meet your...


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Santa Has Been Checking Backgrounds for YEARS!

Background checks are nothing new. In fact, Santa has been doing them for centuries. He makes a list, and he checks it twice - He’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice. Yup, he knows if you’ve been bad or good - So, be good for goodness sake! (Unless you want a lump of coal in your stocking!) Santa might look like a jolly, easygoing guy, but he never takes a chance. He thoroughly vetted Dasher...


TV Shows Give The Wrong Impression About Background Checks

If you’re a fan of reality shows and crime shows, you might notice how “easy” it seems to access information on the Internet about people suspected of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, this leads people to believe they can find out what they need to know about others by simply doing Google searches or even paying online companies who promise access to databases. The facts are: you can’t be sure such...


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What’s important to you?

Accuracy? Cost? Turnaround time? Customer Service? Does your company conduct employee background checks? Most likely all of the above is important to you. Accuracy is a MUST! All reports need to be FCRA compliant. Cost is important of course. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and sometimes less. Turnaround time is so important because you need to hire someone. Customer Service is also important...


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Introducing the QuickApp™ Pro

 Create online employment application forms that are branded with your company’s information,. Streamline your hiring process with the easy-to-use, highly configurable tools at your disposal with QuickApp™ Pro.With QuickApp™ Pro, set up new, responsive forms built for use on all desktops, laptops,  tablets, and mobile devices, and place them on your website with a simple link. After...


Pre-employment Screening

2nd Chance Employment-Don’t Let Criminal Backgrounds Stop You From Hiring People

A pre-employment screening often turns up a criminal background. An estimated one in four Americans has a criminal background. However, there are many reasons to look past that – as long as the candidate’s criminal past does not have a direct bearing on the job position. The federal government enacted The Second Chance Act in 2008, which gives some federal agencies and non-profits grants to train...


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“Due Diligence” Applies to the Company You Hire For Employment Screening

When someone is being interviewed for a job, he or she expects to learn what it is their prospective employer needs. When a company contacts Legal Locator Services about conducting employment screening, we also want to know what our prospective client needs. Perhaps your business is expanding so rapidly you are needing a company known for fast turnaround times. Perhaps your employees are spread...


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“Faster” and “Cheaper” Might Not Be the Best Value

When considering background checks, business owners have to decide what their needs are. The types of positions they are hiring for should determine how thorough a screening should be. Business owners also need to keep an eye on their budget. So they may opt for a program that promises to be cheaper and faster. The problem with a cheaper and faster background check is that it is also limited in...


4 Good Reasons to Conduct Background Checks

  We can think of at least four good reasons why a business or organization should conduct background checks on people applying for jobs. 1. You will learn about an individual’s criminal conviction history. Then you can decide whether that history might rule out a job candidate. It might not! But it is better to know as much as you can about someone. 2. You are safeguarding your business...


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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Drug Testing: A Rookie’s Guide

Our partners at Quest Diagnostics shared this with us. We thought it was interesting and wanted to share it with you. 1. Drugs don’t care about your bank account. Drug testing is used for more than just low-skilled workers. With workplace drug use on the rise across industries, more and more companies who hire white-collar workers are making drug testing part of their workplace policy. In fact,...


Do you have the power?

Business Power with Intelligence Delivered with Exceptional Customer Service. Legal Locator Service has groundbreaking technology with the most comprehensive customizable background screening for all industries. Legal Locator Service connects you to data. Data is the new oil across all industries! We provide a powerful digital application that drives hiring efficiency. Works on any smart...