Nonprofit organizations often have to watch their bottom line very closely. Their budgets are often far more limited than for-profit businesses. Legal Locator Service provides efficient and affordable screening tailored to your non-profit.

As a result, it can be tempting to seek out inexpensive background screening measures, such as using online companies who do superficial searches. The irony is, nonprofits are among the organizations that MOST need thorough screening of applicants, as they are often dealing with vulnerable clients. Many nonprofits also rely heavily on volunteers. It might be human nature to just be grateful for volunteers, but it is important to conduct a level of screening comparable to staff members.

Legal Locator Service can offer affordable packages that provide comprehensive screening, including criminal searches, motor vehicle searches where they apply, and previous employment, education, and certification verifications. We also conduct social media screening, verify references, and conduct drug testing.

Legal Locator Service has been screening backgrounds for over 28 years. Call us at 866-225-2435 (toll-free) or 503-697-5821. We are a Certified Women-Owned Business. Multilingual speaking office.