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Conducting a Background Check is both necessary and extremely risky when hiring a new employee. There are obvious things you need to know when considering a potential employee, including recurring absenteeism, employee turnover, claims of accidents in the workplace, theft and fraud, you will need to comply with applicable laws when obtaining a Background Check globally.

Pre-Employment Screening Regulations and Compliance

Employers need to make sure that they pay attention to federal and state regulations from the government as well as certification and licensing during the hiring process. Failure to follow these regulations can result in fines or even getting placed under a restrictive continuous audit.

Making sure that compliance requirements are met can be quite a difficult job for someone not trained in this field. Even the Small Business Administration recommends hiring someone for guidance in this process.

Every part of this background check, from credit checks to criminal record searches, must be completed within some very strict guidelines to maintain fair employment practices and to avoid any discrimination claims.

According to a United States Department of Justice survey, $1.75 million working days are lost annually by victims of workplace violence. In lost wages alone, that’s estimated at $55 million per year. And when further-reaching costs are also considered, such as legal expenses, lost productivity, and possibly a bad reputation, the yearly cost of workplace violence can quite easily increase into the billions.

On average an organization loses about 5% of its annual revenue to occupational fraud. More than a fifth of fraud cases cause losses of more than $1 million. Worker dishonesty and theft can then also reduce production rates, it can damage consumer confidence, and it can destroy your own reputation as an employer. It can also cause a negative effect on your employee’s morale.

Employers have both a legal and a moral obligation to provide staff with a safe working environment.

Negligent Hiring Liability is the law that holds employers responsible for what they should have known about their employees before hiring them. It can actually even hold an employer responsible for an employee’s actions when not on the clock. The legal system repeatedly affirms that employers have a “duty to exercise reasonable care in hiring individuals who, because of the nature of their employment, may pose a threat to the public”.

Hiring Legal Locator Service to do a Background Check in Portland, Oregon can help to streamline this process for you, and help to avoid these compliance and litigation risks for your business.

One of our missions at Legal Locator Service is to help you achieve and then maintain regulatory compliance in background checking.

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