5 Steps to Protect Yourself and Others

Background checks protect your business, your employees, and people served by your business. It has been shown that having a background check policy deters criminals from applying. Here are a few more tips on how to best protect yourself and others while deterring criminals:

  1. An individual’s criminal history is as important as the sex offender history. Review state laws for pedophiles. There are three levels of pedophiles
    • Level 1 – low risk of repeat offense
    • Level 2 – moderate risk of repeat offense
    • Level 3 – high risk of repeat offense and a threat to public safety
  2. Most employment background checks are conducted online and the applicant enters their personal information via a Quick App. Verify identity information on the employment application with a government issued photo ID.
  3. Maintain secure files for two years after a background check.  Background Checks that return a “hit-flag,” permanently retain the individual’s information in a separate, secure file.
  4. Some employers have the applicant pay for the Employment Background Check.  The new employee gets reimbursed for the Employment Background Check after the 90 probationary period.
  5. Annually conduct background checks in order to protect children.

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