It might be tempting to forgo the screening of minors (people below the age of 18), or first-time job applicants, as their résumés might seem rather insubstantial.

However, federal compliance regulations require that if you are screening other applicants, you must screen all applicants. You must also screen them for the same things.

It might seem like a waste of time to screen a minor’s criminal background, as minor cases are sealed. In some states, minors can be made to register as sex offenders if they get convicted of a sex crime. However, there are exceptions, as a minor can be tried as an adult. To complicate matters further, each state has sex crime laws that are slightly different. Minors who move from one state to another may find that their registration obligations change as they cross the border.

Identity verification and educational verification also pertain to all. And some minors may actually have previous work experience.

When a person doesn’t have previous job experiences or job references, you just dig deeper and look into academic achievements and life experiences, and ask for personal references.

It’s certainly worth the effort, as these job applicants may be particularly eager to join your company and begin their work lives.

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