Legal Locator Service based in Oregon has been screening backgrounds for over 27 years. To maintain our standards and our integrity, we monitor ourselves closely. We track and measure our results, to make sure our customers are getting the Gold Standard in service. And at affordable rates.

Here is what matters:

·      Our turnaround times. We invest in the best technology available to make sure that we get results as quickly as possible.

·      Accuracy. We measure that by the results we get when verifying information – and the number of disputes that arise. In all our 27 years we rarely experience a dispute because we go to the right sources.

·      Quality of service. We pride ourselves on being very available to our clients. When people call – we pick up the phone.

We are here to make the hiring a better process for you. Call Legal Locator Service today at 866-225-2435 (toll-free) or 503-697-5821. Affordable pricing, accurate results, and a quick turnaround time. Based in Oregon. Certified Women-Owned Business. Multilingual speaking office.