If you need a National Pre-Employment Background Screening partner to fulfill all of your Background Check needs, during high volume times Legal Locator Service is your best choice. You do not have to compromise quality or speed. Legal Locator Service has unparalleled quality of data and fast turnaround time. When you combine this with our superior customer service, you’ll know why Legal Locator Service is a trusted screening partner. When you need status for orders or have specific questions about a particular case, and you need an answer now, Legal Locator Service understands that and will answer questions promptly. We will be very attentive to all of your work, and take care of your company’s particular needs. When a quick response is necessary on a Background Check call Legal Locator Service at 503 697-5821.


When choosing the right Pre-Employment Background-Screening partner, the experience is vital. The disposition from state to state has very different implications. Deferred judgment, deferred sentencing, and conditional discharge imply convictions in some states and non-convictions in others. It is important that your Background-Screening partner knows where all of these snags are, and can accurately convey the information to you. Legal Locator Service has been a provider of county criminal record searches globally since 1996.


Data accuracy makes a consumer-reporting agency. False positives and false negatives are the demons that destroy client confidence and bring lawsuits. Our researcher network is unparalleled. All criminal searches are real-time, accurate, up-to-date searches.


Turnaround time is critical. When employers are making critical decisions, every minute counts. Their decisions require a quick turnaround time. The technology that Legal Locator Service employs is state of the art and always evolving. In most cases, background checks are completed the same day if we get the request early enough. Legal Locator Service’s average turnaround time is within hours if there are no records or within 24 to 72 business hours.