When you order a Carfax on a used car, you are getting a background check on the vehicle. You find out if there have been any accidents or mechanical issues. If you learned that you needed a quart of oil every 1000 miles would you buy that car? Probably not.

A background check serves the same purpose. It gives you a job prospect’s history. It’s a full picture, with important details included. Many businesses will only run SSN verifications and criminal records, which means there are lots of holes. You might learn the candidate does not have any criminal records or, maybe the records he/she does have aren’t relevant to the job. But what about their work history? A thorough background check includes verification of current or previous employers, and contacting professional references.

By going these extra steps, you may find that the candidate did not get along with their peers, was not a team player, or perhaps had an issue with attendance. You don’t want people who need a quart of oil every 10 days!

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