When conducting background screening on job applicants, it’s likely that some, if not many, applicants will have more than one name, as well as several places of residence. Conduct a records check on all of the applicant’s names.

Name changes are common – the most obvious being as the result of marriage. But many people also informally change their names, for example, by going by a nickname or deciding to drop a middle name. People also legally change their names entirely, for personal reasons.

It’s also rare that an applicant has just one address.

While it may be tempting to limit searches to a person’s most current name and address, the results will not be thorough. By skipping over previous names and addresses, you will miss out on previous job experiences, and possibly educational and licensing verifications.
Legal Locator Service advises clients to track an applicant’s history back to a reasonable point – far back enough to give you a fuller picture. The expenses for such a search are not much greater – and the peace of mind you’ll receive is priceless.

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