STATUS AS OF August 2, 2021


Several CA 07/30/2021 TBD Medium
Alpine CA – Mandatory evacuation orders in place due to wildfire; delays will be unknown since the courts are closed and clerks are attempting to set up work-from-home opportunities.

Stanislaus CA – Clerks are behind by 8-12 weeks. They are not accepting rushes as court is understaffed.
Shasta – Understaffed; Expect Small Delays

Multiple GA 08/02/2021 TBD Low
Bibb – Limited – Appt needed for Hits, then Clerk assist.

Butts – Closed – Clerk Assisted

Clayton – Need Clerk, TAT 2-3 weeks.

DeKalb – Limited – Delays on Hits

Gwinnett – System in Court is going up and down often. Expect Delays

Glynn – CLOSED 8/2-8/3 – Due to Covid Exposure.

Greene – Closed, by appointment only. Expect delays. ETA depends on the number of cases found.

Murray – Closed, but we can run clears. If hits or possible hits then clerk assisted, expect delays.

Turner – Due to Covid outbreak – Superior & State courts Modify Hours thru 8/4 – 8am-Noon.

Walton – Closed, by appointment only. Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wilkinson – Closed, by appointment only. Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Michigan ALL 7/28/2021 TBD High Michigan PII Redaction: Courts have redacted PII on cases, we are monitoring the issue closely and making changes to our processes to ensure accuracy in reporting. Please expect delays.

Multiple MS 07/30/2021 8/2/2021 HIGH
Washington: Circuit Court Terminal is down with no ETA on its restoration. ALSO, the Justice Court system is down with a part on order.

Jackson: Justice Court Delays- Only two clerks process, One is on Vacation until 8/2, One is out with Covid.

Clark NV 07/29/2021 TBD Medium
CLOSED – JUSTICE COURT – TRAFFIC. No further info is available.

Henderson TN 08/02/2021 8/2/2021 Low
Henderson Co, TN Has reopened, Please allow time for us to work thru the backlog.

ALL VT 7/21/2021 N/A Medium