Hiring has gotten more complex, thanks to Covid-19.

Some states have mandated that vaccines are absolutely required in industries such as healthcare. And many companies in other industries are requiring job candidates to present proof of vaccination or a promise to get the vaccine.

What should you do, as an employer? If you are not in the healthcare industry but have concerns about workplace safety and the interactions your employees will have with the public — the current consensus is that it is within your rights to require vaccinations.

If someone seems great for the job but is unvaccinated and states that he/she will not be getting one, there is something you can do. If the person has a valid medical or religious reason for not taking the vaccine, you can ask them to take regular Covid-19 tests. If they cannot provide a valid reason, you can choose not to hire.

It’s new territory. And protocols may change. But for now, the prevailing mindset is that vaccinations are the best route to safety, and employers are entitled to promote safety.

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