When considering background checks, business owners have to decide what their needs are. The types of positions they are hiring for should determine how thorough a screening should be. Business owners also need to keep an eye on their budget. So they may opt for a program that promises to be cheaper and faster. The problem with a cheaper and faster background check is that it is also limited in its scope. And if you do not have a full picture of your prospective employee, you may be exposing yourself to liability. In other words, there are risks involved with limited screening. The money saved on the background checks may be lost in expenses incurred due to a poor hire. And please note that often the jump to a more thorough screening carries just a small increase in price.

Another “value” of carefully selecting a background check company is finding one that has great customer service. There is a value in knowing that your calls will be answered right away and that you can make changes as needed.Legal Locator Service has been conducting background checks for over 23 years. We work closely with clients to provide the best fit for them. We pride ourselves on being accessible and easy to work with. We also offer competitive pricing.

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