California was redacting the dates of birth and other critical identifying information from criminal case records. We were closely monitoring the California Rules of Court, rule 2.507—legislation which resulted in the removal of date of birth and other personal information from publicly accessible criminal record cases.

Legal Locator Service is a Consumer Reporting Agency and as such relies on personal information (PII) within court indexes for accuracy during criminal background screening.

The California State Assembly recently passed Senate Bill 1262 (SB 1262)—important legislation designed specifically to help stop delays in criminal background checks. This legislation will next be heading to the desk of California Governor Gavin Newsom for final approval and signature and will once again require publicly accessible electronic indexes of defendants in criminal cases to permit searches and filtering of results based on a defendant’s driver’s license number or date of birth, or both. Once the Governor signs the bill, previously redacted court case information in California is expected to be restored starting January 2023.

Please follow our blogs as this moves forward. This is great news!