When companies seek to create a more diverse workforce, background checks can Enhance Diversity and Inclusiveness where a challenge may arise.

In this country, Black males are nearly six times more likely than white males to have been jailed. For Hispanic men, the rate is two times more likely. These disproportionate numbers have been the subject of civil rights advocacy for decades, as many believe racism is at the root.

For some companies, seeing a candidate has a criminal conviction may put an immediate end to the process. Yet, you can look at your company’s criminal background policies, make sure they are compliant with local and state laws – and still leave room to hire. Look at the applicant’s criminal record. Would it truly impact his or her position? Have frank conversations with applicants. Find references. The past does not have to destroy a person’s future.

There are also subsidies and tax credits available to employers who hire people with conviction records – such as the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

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