Whether you’re an employer or job seeker, there are some interview questions for which you should be wary. Some questions are quite obvious, while others may not seem so unreasonable. We will identify some key questions and what a job seeker should do if faced with them, and what an employer should do if the interviewee volunteers this information. While not all of these questions are illegal in a strict sense, they make companies liable in a discrimination lawsuit.

Questions You Must Avoid

The following questions fall under a more obvious category. They have little to do with your job performance, but a potential employer may be trying to anticipate future complications by asking some of these illegal questions;
●    How many kids you have
●    Any health problems or medication
●    Marital Status
●    Your spouse’s occupation
●    Your religion

These questions may seem reasonable by the interviewee, but are nonetheless illegal. A potential employer cannot ask about:
●    Age
●    Ethnicity
●    Nationality
●    Disability
●    Military Service


It is easy to be caught off guard by illegal interview questions. If you find yourself in this situation, change the topic by asking a job-related question yourself.


It can be tricky if an employee actually offers the information that you cannot ask about. If they simply state a fact, disregard it and move on. If they ask a question, such as requiring flexibility for children’s activities, you may answer but don’t pursue the topic further. You may not use information learned in this way for your hiring decision.