Legal Locator Service is more than a data provider. We consider all the values that are important to you when conducting background checks, including compliance, turnaround time, competitive cost, and world-class customer service. We check records, contact employers, validate history, confirm identities, and more with a quick and cost-efficient system that is built to serve you.

Whether you need background screening for your business, a non-profit organization we’ve got you covered. With over 25 years of experience in background screening, we deliver fast, accurate results you can trust.
· Member of Professional Background Screening Association
· Advanced FCRA Certified
· Unparalleled customer service
· State-of-the-art systems and technology
· Integrated ATS
· Connect to your systems
· Fast Turnaround time

We help companies coast-to-coast make the background screening process easier and ensure our clients know everything they need to know about prospective employees.

Call Legal Locator Service today at 866 225-2435 or 503-697-5821 for all your Employment Background Checks. Certified Women-Owned WBE-ESB. Bilingual English/Spanish Office. Tax incentives in many states.

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