Over the years more laws have been amended to permit people with criminal histories to be hired more easily. This is a win-win for so many.

As an example, in 2022 the HR776 – James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 was amended to enable more people with criminal histories – even those that involve dishonesty and a breach of trust – to work in financial institutions. The amendment shortens waiting periods. The 10-year wait after a conviction has been reduced to seven; for people who have been incarcerated, there’s a five-year wait after release, and people 21 or younger – 30 months.

Legal Locator Service has been conducting professional background screenings for over 26 years. We stay on top of all job requirement changes such as these to make sure that employers are being compliant. Overlooking eligible candidates could be challenged by job applicants. Also, it’s good for companies to know when the hiring field is broadened, especially in this job market.

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