Ongoing monitoring protects employees, volunteers, contractors, vendors, and your brand. The Continuous Monitoring tool allows clients to be notified via email when any new record hits are found. We will send you an email when it is time to renew your monitoring service. You can remove monitoring at any time. A person’s present behavior and potential future behavior is just as important and we would argue, even more, important than simply looking at a person’s past. Pre-employment background screenings and continuous screenings provide: Knowledge so you can take appropriate action, protect your workforce, and safeguard your brand. Employers who conduct regularly scheduled background checks must ensure that they are following the relevant federal and state laws.

These laws, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), include authorization and disclosure from employees before conducting the checks. While the authorization forms only require an employee to give a one-time consent, an employee can revoke his/her consent at any point. Employers are required under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Guidance (EEOC) to take the nature and gravity of criminal offense into account before taking action. Employers must also follow the appropriate adverse action processes should he/she consider not retaining or promoting an individual based on the results of a background check. Call Legal Locator Service to start Continuous Criminal Monitoring today at 866 225-2435 or 503 697-5821.