Oregon Home Health Background Checks protect a company’s best interests. We help companies save time, resources and money. And the companies’ reputation. Of ALL the background checking we do, perhaps the ones that matter most are the background checks for home healthcare providers. There is no population more vulnerable than those who are in poor health. Elderly people and others who are living with debilitating illnesses. The scams run on elderly or people suffering from illnesses are legendary. And yet – THEY KEEP HAPPENING. This is because it is not uncommon for people to hire caregivers without thoroughly checking their backgrounds. There is SUCH a demand for home health care providers and aides right now that companies desperate to fill positions often hire people who “appear” to have great resumes and references. That is not a risk worth taking. When it comes to providing caregivers for those who need help the most – seek professionally-conducted background checks.

Legal Locator Service has been conducting background checks for 23 years, and our results are accurate and verified. We also comply with the laws and regulations that apply to such checks. For example, here in Oregon, one of the guidelines that we follow are the Oregon Administrative Rules for home healthcare background checks. Legal Locator Service will see the red flags. We will give you the data you need to help your business make smart choices in hiring home health care providers. We provide excellent background check services so that you are able to help your home health clients – those who are most vulnerable – be in safe hands.

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