Oregon Background Check Company was established in 1996. Women-Centric Business.
Legal Locator Service is a trusted provider of Background Checks in Oregon for over 26 years. We provide background check services globally. Accurate, affordable, built-in FCRA and a fast turnaround to place applicants quickly.

Order a Background Check-in in 3 easy steps.
1. Choose a package.
2. Add name and email address.
3. Click send.

Applicant receives an email with a link and enters their own information from a secure web portal.

✓ Fast turnaround times to place applicants quickly.

✓ Cost-effective searches with affordable pricing.

✓ 24/7 access to paperless, web-based solutions.

✓ Built-in FCRA Compliance.

✓ U..S. Based, FCRA Certified Background Check Specialists.

✓ Three ways to reach us: Phone, email, and chat online.

Call Legal Locator Service for more information toll-free at 866 255-2435 or 503 697-5821. Multilingual speaking office. Certified Women-Owned Business.